Festival Workshops

Each performing artist will be presenting a workshop or two.

Saturday Workshops

Trinity Church, 250 Sweinhardt Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512

Saturday Workshops

Saturday has a full slate of workshops for all levels of players. From beginners who have never even held a ukulele to more advanced players. There is surely a workshop for you.

Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Soulful Singing and Playing on the Ukulele • ALL LEVELS

Loosen up your body! Free your spirit! Let your voice be heard! This workshop focuses on relaxing the muscles and approaching your playing with a loose and soulful attitude. When we find the rhythm in music, the movement in our bodies and the soul in our voices, we can concentrate on giving better performances and achieve a higher level of playing. All levels of experience are welcome, but we will use basic chords and play standing up and moving around.

Songwriting Basics • ALL LEVELS

Use your ukulele to write better and more personal songs! In this class, we will focus on finding melodies in the chords and notes we play on the ukulele and writing lyrics that are more meaningful and poetic, to help tell our stories and complement our playing styles. Beginners are absolutely welcome, but those with a basic knowledge of chords and strumming may find it easier to concentrate on the writing and singing aspects of this class! Please bring a pencil!

Performance Skills • ALL LEVELS

Learn techniques to help improve your performance, whether practicing at home, in front of your ukulele group or at a sold out show in Madison Square Garden! Learn ways to perform thoughtfully, develop a stage persona and even get the chance to play in front of the class during the class mini open mic! This is a great chance for shy players to gain some experience in a fun and friendly environment.


Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Bryan Tolentino

Coming Soon • All Levels

Workshops offers and descriptions coming soon!!!


Bryan Tolentino

Curt Sheller

Just What Do I Study When Going It Alone? • All Levels

How to organize what to learn when going it alone without a dedicated teacher.

This workshop will help you organize what to study based on your short and long term goals. It will help you see the forest through all the trees.

Improv - Taking a Solo • Intermediate / Advanced

Know what to do when someone at a jam says "Take it?"

Learning to solo or improvise draws from four sources. It is creating spontaneousness melodies, licks, riffs on the fly. This workshop will get you started and sounding great, right from the git go.

Crafting Melody and Chord Arrangements • All Levels

A few guidelines for creating melody and chord arrangements on ukulele.

Creating Melody and Chord Arrangements, in theory are as simple as harmonizing the melody with a chord. Which is playing a chord that has the melody note as the top note of the chord voicing. In practice it's a little more involved, but not much more.

The Art of Playing Melody and Chords at the Same Time

Chord Melody or Melody and Chord is the art of playing the melody and chords at the same time. This is what solo piano players do all the time. They have two hands to do it. On ukulele we have to do it all with one hand and only four strings. In the common high "G", C tuning, the available range of notes for creating melody and chord arrangements on ukulele is around two octaves, give or take a few notes. A little more on the lower end for a low "G", C tuning.


Curt Sheller

Glen Hirabayashi

Relearn the Ukulele • Beginner-Intermediate

Learn to play the Ukulele again. This time, fill in the blanks, learn what you skipped.

Ukulele Player's Intro/Guide To Hawai'ian Music • All Levels

  • Hawai'ian vamps (turnarounds)
  • Hawai'ian strums. traditional, contemporary
  • Pronounciation of common Hawai'ian words, traditional, slang, Pidgin
  • Hawai'ian language lyrics hidden meanings
  • Construction of traditional Hawai'ian songs
  • Favorite ukulele players from Hawai'i

Glen Hirabayashi

Devin Scott

Spice Up Your Strumming

I mean how many songs can you play with the old D D U U D U???? All of them!! Kind of. With just a few minor variations of that pattern you can have your songs going from drab to fab!! In this workshop we will learn things like the “chuck” and “finger fanning” to really so that you can really “spice up your strumming”!

Easy Pickins

An introduction to picking work shop designed to have your fingers flying in no time! This mostly two finger picking pattern class will have you playing songs like “Hallelujah” and “Walking in Memphis”. Join me and be all the rage at you next ukulele jam!


Devin Scott

Petey Mack

Beginners Introduction to Ukulele


Petey Mack

Debi will be presenting her Hula class and Lei Making workshop. ( www.debihula.com )

Hula Class

Come and learn the folk dance from our 50th state, the hula! Simple steps and lovely hand motions combine to tell a story. Comfortable clothes and no shoes suggested.

Lei Making

Come and make the perfect accessory to wear while playing your uke! We will make a wristlet with fresh flowers using the Wili method (winding).


Debi Velasco

Coming Soon • All Levels

Workshops offers and descriptions coming soon!!!


Uncle Zac

In a help to determine what the workshop the levels might be, here is a page to help you determine
what level of ukulele player your are.

You will be able to select your workshops when you purchase your festival tickets...

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